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My name is Dr. Amit Ofek, I am a board certified chiropractor in the state of Georgia. I have been in privet practice for the better part of a decade In my private practice I focus on kids with Neurodevelopmental and Neuropsychiatric issue like ADHD, PDD, ASD, OCD, Dyslexia, Anxiety, Depression etc. Over the years I noticed that some of these kids will progress and then plateau. After doing extensive research I came across Omega 3 Galil and their Omega 3 fatty acids product. Apart from their amazing story about healing their own son (read their story below), they are amazing people and Guy ( the father) have literally became one of the leading experts on this topic. I actually know this amazing family as we grew up in the same small town. This product has been an amazing answer for so many families and I hope your family will find the same answer as so many before you. 

 Guy Ben-Zvi, the founder of Omega Galil, which provides fresh omega 3 fish oil from the fridge, has been working on this problem for over a decade. The company was established following the personal experience of Guy and his family. More than 10 years ago, a family member was diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome and suffered from psychiatric symptoms and tics. After a conventional medical journey during which they despaired of the drug treatment with Halidol (an antipsychotic drug used in schizophrenia) and its terrible side effects "our tiger turned into a frightened mouse", they began trying omega 3 fish oil, and to their wonder the treatment succeeded! As part of their experimentation with the treatment, which was then new to the world, they noticed that certain production batches of omega 3 fish oil produced effective results in treatment while other batches did not. In search of the cause, Guy turned to the researchers and manufacturers of omega 3, and discovered that the long shelf life in the pharmacies in Israel was detrimental to its oxidation and hence to its efficiency. Further research has shown that oil oxidation due to humidity and high temperature is the main factor in the effectiveness of omega 3 products, and this is what Guy specializes in to this day.